In layman language, Veneer Dyeing is nothing but letting the natural veneer soak into the color of anyone’s choice. At our Dyed Veneer Factory, the dyeing process is by immersion, so the color penetrates and is not eliminated when sanding. The dye bath containing veneer is put into closed pressurized chambers until the wood absorbs the amount of color that is desired. When the color is absorbed, the pressure is released and the veneer is removed. The veneer is then washed with water until there is no bleeding. It is then dried with continuous press drying process. This immersive method results in consistent color not only on surface but also in the veins and complete thickness of the Veneer.

Dark Brown

KDV 14.2.48 ASH
KDV 20.1.054
KDV 17.2.059
KDV 17.2.047 Eyong

Light Brown

KDV 12.2.039 OAK
KDV 15.1.044 KOTO
KDV 15.1.041 KOTO

Light Grey

KDV 12.2.036 OAK
KDV 25.5.056
KDV 22.4.003
KDV 21.6.027
KDV 21.6.006
KDV 16.2.016
KDV 15.1.042-KOTO
KDV 15.1.013
KDV 14.2.058
KDV 14.2.049 ASH
KDV 14.2.033 ASH
KDV 14.2.032 ASH
KDV 14.2.031 ASH
KDV 12.2.037 OAK
KDV 15.02.072
KDV 15.01.064


KDV 14.1.051
KDV 14.02.074
KDV 15.1.043 KOTO


KDV 12.1.024
KDV 26.3.019
KDV 21.6.023
KDV 25.5.018
KDV 24.1.021
KDV 15.2.034 KOTO
KDV 15.1.046 KOTO
KDV 14.02.069
KDV 17.2.073


KDV 14.02.071


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